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Demo picture for incarceration


Christian Cleberg

Front-end web app, JS visualization

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Getting ideas for front-end visualization projects is hard. As an example to help develop more ideas for vizualization and data manipulation, I've created an interactive world map of incarceration statistics with optional choropleth overlays. Explore the map, compare countries, and dive into the source data.

Added 1 year ago

Demo picture for willcarh.art


Will Carhart

Portfolio, personal website, full-stack web app

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As much as I hate to admit it, most average people don't get too excited about CLIs. I'm sure every developer at some point has spent weeks on a cool command line utility, only to have the uninitiated proclaim that's it? So, I decided to build willcarh.art, the world's greatest personal website, per me. And, as an aspiring Pythonista, I wrote it in Python. Please enjoy :)

Added 1 year ago

Demo picture for bennf.github.io


Ben Nichols-Farquhar

Personal resume website

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A small resume website built on React as a demo of my skills and as a learning project to teach myself React.

Added 1 year ago